Margaret ____,

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
23 October 1829

WEDNESDAY.— At or about 10 A.M. today, the Bench proceeded to business. The first was a delicate case, a peculiarly delicate case. Mrs. WEAVERS, of Castlereagh-street, stated that the night before, as she was retiring to rest, a strange noise struck her ears, which proceeding from her maid MARGARET’s sleeping apartment, caused her to step in there, and ascertain the matter. MARGARET happened just then to be en dishabille [en déshabillé], and preparing to take a siesta, but the mistress observing the blankets which covered her bed unusually protuberant, lifted them, when there burst upon her astonished vision, comfortably stowed beneath—a—a—gallant, gay lothario! who being speedily kicked out of the house, and having given leg-bail for his appearance, MARGARET was handed over to the guardianship of certain constables and compelled to take up her abode in a watchhouse for the night. Three months to the third class in the factory, said Monsieur le Capitaine, the Police Superintendant [sic], and thither was maid MARGARET from her assigned mistress accordingly consigned.


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