Sarah Gardener

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
25 October 1826

CORNELIUS HUGHES was brought in custody to the office, on charges affecting him in a serious degree. It appeared from the examination which was slightly entered into, that about eight months since, the prisoner was in custody with the police upon the same charges as now exhibited against him, but that he contrived by some means or other to release himself from the care of a constable and made off. Curious to relate, the man is said to have lived in Sydney, in the interim—his caption was at length effected on Friday evening last, when he was found in some house in company with his wife, (a prisoner of the Crown;) the constables took both into custody; the woman [SARAH GARDENER*] was considered by the Bench, as coming under the denomination of a Crown prisoner illegally at large, and consequently ordered her transmission forthwith to the Factory. The male prisoner was remanded for a further hearing. The principal charge against him is, that of forgery on Dr. BOWMAN, in the early part of the present year.

  • Alternate name: SARAH HUGHES (married 1823)


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