William Moore

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report > Coronial Inquest
3 February 1844


A most remarkable instance of conjugal affection, attended by a fatal result, occurred last week, at the Warranora Probation Gang, under the direction of Mr. DARK, one of the assistant Surveyors, which shows that the domestic virtues, when they take deep root in the human heart, are difficult to be eradicated, and very frequently survive the wreck of every other honourable principle, whose utter abandonment is inevitably consequent upon vicious association. WILLIAM MOORE, a young married man about 30 years of age, attached to the gang, whose wife is confined in the female Factory, and to whom, as the sequel will prove, he was devotedly attached, asked permission, in the beginning of the week, to come to Parramatta to visit her. The indulgence was denied, and the poor fellow, withdrew into the bush to take a solitary stroll and indulge in his own melancholy reflections. In about an hour afterwards he was found stretched lifeless under a tree, having burst a blood vessel in the heart. On Wednesday last an inquest was held on the body, before CHARLES BETHEL LYONS, Esq, Coroner for Parramatta, at the Liverpool hospital, when the foregoing facts were given in evidence. The body was in so decomposed a condition, that no post mortem examination could be held, but the jury were unanimously of opinion, that the poor fellow died of a broken heart, and found a verdict of “natural death.”


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