Ex-Inmate Burials

Browse a list of former inmates of the Parramatta Female Factory who were later buried at St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta or in the broader parish of St. John’s, Parramatta.

Transcribed and compiled by Michaela Ann Cameron as a part of the St. John’s Online project.

Please note: this list is a work in progress and will be revised multiple times as further research prompts the addition of names. These revisions will be reflected in the “Version” number stated in the citation at the bottom of this page, beginning with “Version 1.0.”

Elizabeth BENNETT per Janus (1820)

Mary CAVILLON (aka Isabella PHILLIPS) per Broxbornebury (1814)

Nicholas CAVILLON, came free per Broxbornebury (1814)

Elizabeth GIBBS per Northampton (1815), aged 48 years

Harriet GILBERT or COLLINS per Competitor (1828), aged 30 years

Jane HAMMOND aka Jane COSTELLO, came free per Thomas Harrison (1836), aged 21 years

Ann HICKEY per Mary Ann I (1) (1816), aged 35 years (d. 1828)

Jane JONES aka Jane MAUNDERS per Grenada (3) (1825), aged 30 years

Mary KENNELLY per Woodman (1) (1823), aged 46 years

Rose O’HARA per Maria I (1) (1818), aged 30 years

Ellen SMILEY per Mariner (2) (1825), died a free woman at the Colonial Hospital, aged 25 years [sic]

Sophia WHEELER (nee SHEPPARD) per Competitor (2) (1828), aged 27 years

Ann WHITNEY per Lord Sidmouth (1823), aged 45 years


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