Convict Burials

In that dread moment how the frantic soul
Raves round the walls of her clay tenement,
Runs to each avenue, and shrieks for help,
But shrieks in vain! How wishfully she looks
On all she’s leaving, now no longer her’s!
A little longer, yet a little longer,
O might she stay to wash away her crimes,
And fit her for her passage!

Robert Blair

Browse a list of the convicts who died at the Parramatta Female Factory and were buried in the parish of St. John’s, Parramatta.

Transcribed and compiled by Michaela Ann Cameron as a part of the St. John’s Online project.

Please note: Most of the women listed below have been verified with research beyond the parish register and the spelling of their names has been ‘corrected.’ A small number have not been positively identified at the time of publication, so their ships are not yet determined. For the latter group in particular, bear in mind that the spelling of their names continues to reflect precisely what was recorded in the register. For all the women listed, the ages included below are those that were recorded in the parish register at the time of their deaths, and are probably inaccurate. This list is a work in progress and is, therefore, likely to be revised multiple times as further research prompts outright revision of some identities and ages, and clarification of those not yet identified. In the 1820s, the parish register did not explicitly identify Factory-related burials, so there are other female convict burials in the parish in this period who may still be added to the list in the event that further research beyond the parish register confirms they were Factory inmates at the time of their death. These revisions will be reflected in the “Version” number stated in the citation at the bottom of this page, beginning with “Version 1.0.”



[none recorded]


Jane BAKER per Midas (I) (1825), aged 37 years

Ann BALFOUR per Harmony (1) (1827), aged 32 years

Mary BISHOP per Princess Royal (2) (1829), aged 41 years

Ann BYRNE per Asia I (5) (1830), aged 40 years

Ann BOSLEY per Buffalo (1833), aged 51 years

Ellen BOTTOMLEY per Henry Wellesley (2) (1837), aged 30 years

Rose BRIAN per Asia I (5) (1830), aged 16 years

Celia BURKE per Edward (1) (1829), aged 23 years

Thomas Sharp BURKITT per England I (1826), aged 26 years

Judith BUTLER per Hooghly (3) (1831), aged 34 years

Catherine BYRNES per Palambam (1831), aged 26 years

Catherine BYRNES per City of Edinburgh (1) (1828), aged 20 years


Sophia COLEMAN per Harmony (1) (1827), aged 46 years

Ann COLWELL per John Renwick (1) (1838), aged 23 years

Mary CONNOLLY [ship not yet determined], aged 60 years

Ann COPELAND per Competitor (2) (1828), aged 32 years


Ann DAVIS per Mary III (5) (1835), aged 30 years

Margaret DELANEY per Elizabeth II (1828), aged 37 years

Ann DONNELLY aka Ann WILSON per Competitor (2) (1828), aged 30 years

Mary Ann DOWNES per Elizabeth II (1828), aged 26 years

Margaret DOYLE per Palambam (1831), aged 30 years

Sarah DUINAN aka Sarah JOHNSON per Elizabeth II (1828), aged 38 years


Hannah EDMUNDS per Henry Wellesley (2) (1837), aged 26 years


Margaret FAHEY per City of Edinburgh (1) (1828), aged 51 years

Anne FRANKLIN aka Mary Ann RIDGLEY per Mary III (5) (1835), aged 30 years


Mary GILDERSLEEVES per Maria I (1) (1818), aged 21 years

Catherine GLYNN per Sir Charles Forbes (4) (1837), aged 27 years

Mary GORDON (aka MARY MUNRO) per Numa (1834), aged 22 years

Alice GREEN per Kains (1831), aged 38 years

Eleanor GREEN per Princess Charlotte (2) (1827), aged 22 years

Mary GRIFFITH [ship not yet determined], aged 29 years


Catherine HAINLEY per Princess Charlotte (2) (1827), aged 22 years

Elizabeth HAMPTON aka Elizabeth DELANEY per Edward (1) (1827), aged 31 years

Julia HARDING aka Julia CHAPMAN per Lucy Davidson (1829), aged 25 years

Rose HAZLETON per Southworth (3) (1832), aged 25 years

Mary HEALY per Palambam (1831), aged 21 years

Mary HINES [ship not yet determined], aged 28 years

Elizabeth HAUGHTON per Almorah (3) (1824), aged 30 years

Sarah HOUGHTON per Elizabeth IV (1836), aged 25 years

Ann HUXTABLE per Surrey I (10) (1840), aged 20 years


[none recorded]


[none recorded]


Bridget KELLY per Thomas Harrison (1836), aged 52 years / 22 years

Isabella KERR aka Isabella GREY per Louisa (1827), aged 37 years

Sarah KING per Planter (2) (1839), aged 35 years


Mary LIVINGSTONE per Mary Anne III (1) (1839), aged 26 years


Phoebe MASH per Surrey I (10) (1840), aged 22 years

Mary McANDREW aka Mary McAndrew RAWLINS per City of Edinburgh (1) (1828), aged 20 years

Rose McGORMAN per Asia I (5) (1830), aged 35 years

Catherine McGUIRE per Hooghly (3) (1831), aged 24 years

Josephine MERCELIN per Dart (1833), aged 36 years

Elizabeth MESSER per Midas I (1825), aged 40 years

Sarah MORGAN [ship not yet determined], aged 68 years


Ellen NAUGHTON per Lady Rowena (1826), aged 31 years

Venus NEWMAN per Louisa (1827), aged 30 years


[none recorded]


Lucy PARKINS per Louisa (1827), aged 46 years

Amelia PEACOCK per Louisa (1827), aged 22 years

Elizabeth PHILLIPS per Midas (1) (1825), aged 32 years


[none recorded]


Mary RICE aka Mary WARING per Sovereign (2) (1829), aged 43 years

Mary ROBINSON per Grenada IV (1827), aged 21 years

Ann ROWLAND per Earl of Liverpool (1831), aged 26 years


Jane SAUNDERS [ship not yet determined], aged 26 years

Mary SCOTT per Henry Wellesley (1) (1836), aged 48 years

Anne SMITH aka Ellen SMITH aka CHAMPAIGN per Forth II (1830), aged 36 years

Catherine SMITH per Mary III (1) (1823), aged 48 years

Jane SMITH (aka JANE YOUNG) per Earl of Liverpool (1831), aged 17 years

Sarah SMITH per Grenada (4) (1827), aged 44 years

Margaret STROUD per Harmony (1) (1827), aged 29 years


Mary TURNER per Kains (1831), aged 40 years


[none recorded]


[none recorded]


Judith WALSH per City of Edinburgh (I) (1828), aged 29 years

Mary WALSH per City of Edinburgh I (1828), aged 19 years

Rebecca WARD per Elizabeth IV (1836), aged 50 years

Johanna WARREN per Elizabeth II (1828), aged 29 years

Catherine WHITEHOUSE (aka CATHERINE COLLINS) per Forth II (1830), aged 19 years

Mary WILLIAMS per Forth II (1830), aged 46 years

Sarah WOLSENHALL per Lord Wellington (1820), aged 45 years


[none recorded]


[none recorded]


[none recorded]


Michaela Ann Cameron, “Convict Burials” (Version 1.0), Female Factory Online (2018),, accessed [insert current date].


Thanks to intern Suzannah Gaulke for her assistance with the transcription of Factory-related burials between 1826 and 1830.

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