Mary Ann Stephenson

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
26 September 1834



A FORTNIGHT AGO, MARY ANN STEPHENSON, per ship Diana, from Parramatta Factory, was claimed and discharged (at MR. FARRELL’S Welch Harp, George-street), to a man assuming the name of “BROWN.” — And, whereas it has since been discovered, that the said MARY ANN STEPHENSON was an assigned servant to MRS S. BROWN of Castlereagh-street; if therefore the said MR. BROWN did suppose her to be his servant, and will return her to me immediately at the Royal Hotel George-street, he will have every opportunity, of obtaining another assigned woman in her stead. But if she has been unlawfully claimed by an assumed name, after this notice, whoever will give such information as may lead to the discovery of the woman and the man who took her away, shall receive the above Reward from me.


Royal Hotel, George-street.

Sydney, September 24, 1834.


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