Mary Ann Collins

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
9 January 1845


POLICE OFFICE.—Tuesday, 30th December—Before ROBERT C. DALHUNTY, and EDWARD COX, Esquires, J. P.’s.

MARY ANN COLLINS, prisoner of the Crown, hired from the female factory to Mr. HENRY SHADFORTH, of Mulgoa, under the regulations, was brought to the bar, charged with absenting herself from her master’s premises, without leave, for a short period on Christmas Eve and proceeding to a hut about a mile distant; likewise with refusing, subsequently, to wash her fellow servant’s clothes. Mr. SHADFORTH stated that her general conduct was good. The prisoner stated herself to be free, but, on reference, it was found she had yet to serve a short period. Mr. SHADFORTH paid into Court £2 15s., which was the amount due to prisoner for wages. Ordered to be returned to the Factory, and 15s. detained from the sum paid in to defray the expenses of forwarding her to Parramatta.


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