Bridget Duggan

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
7 November 1844



POLICE OFFICE.—The Court of Petty Sessions for the last week past has been, from the paucity of business, nearly a peace establishment. The dealing with some unfortunate prisoner of the crown for overstaying a pass, or one of the various ramifications into which the term disorderly conduct is twisted and tortured by overseers and constables, or the salutary treatment bestowed on individuals who had partaken at late suppers or rather too much pickled salmon, comprised the sum total of each day’s proceedings.

On Monday, however, the watch-house list presented an appearance which evinced a decided re-action in Police affairs. The justiciaries present were, the Police Magistrate, Dr. ANDERSON, and NELSON LAWSON, Esq.; and the first curtsey made to the Bench was by […]

BRIDGET DUGGAN, who came out of the female factory at 2 p.m., on Saturday, and at 4 p. m., on the same day, was carried in to the watch-house, having, in honor [sic] of the day of liberation, partaken of so many “nobblers,” that her pedestals went away slick clear from under her. She was allowed twenty-four hours retirement in the gaol to bring her up standing.


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