Hannah Goodman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
5 October 1844




The Court resumed its sittings at ten o’clock. On the Bench with the Chairman were the Police Magistrate; NELSON LAWSON, Esq., J. P.; Dr. ANDERSON, J. P.; J. BETTS, Esq., J. P.; and G. B. SUTTOR, Esq., J. P.

HANNAH GOODMAN.—The prisoner, who had been taken by the prosecutrix, Mrs. MARTIN, of Windsor, into her service, more from a feeling of charity towards her than from absolutely requiring her services, was only in her employment a couple of days before she stole from a drawer £6. On being accused of the robbery, she flew into a towering passion of virtuous innocence and direful indignation at “the wretch who could rob so good a mistress, and one who was striving so hard as the prosecutrix to support a numerous small family.” When given in charge to a constable, the notes could not be found on her, and it required the aid of the watchhouse-keeper’s wife to make such a search, as only a female could exercise towards one of her sex, before the missing property could be discovered. The jury at once found a verdict of guilty, and GOODMAN was sent to the 3rd class at the factory, in the vain hope of altering her nature into that of a good woman.


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