Catherine Lynch

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
5 October 1844




On the Bench, with the Chairman, were the following magistrates:—GILBERT ELIOTT, Esq., P.M.; NELSON LAWSON, Esq.; JOHN BETTS, Esq.,; JOHN BLAXLAND, Esq.; G. B. SUTTOR, Esq.; and J. F. BELL, Esq.

The majority of the cases tried to-day possessed but little of public interest, and would have been far more effectually dealt with, as was observed by the Jury, in hearing one of the cases (a committal from the Windsor Bench), by the magistrates—if, instead of committing, and thereby, besides saddling a heavy expense on the Colony, imposing much inconvenience and loss on the various prosecutors and witnesses, they had dealt with the offenders in a summary manner under the ‘Rogue & Vagabond Act.’

CATHERINE LYNCH, indicted for stealing an iron pot, the property of one HENRY LODGE, from whose premises she was observed with considerable adroitness to dislodge it—and yet had brass enough in her composition to deny all knowledge of the utensil when identified in her use. The Jury caused the iron pot be a kettle of fish to the prisoner, by a six-monhts’ domiciliation in the third class, at the Female Factory.


See Original: “COUNTRY NEWS. PARRAMATTA,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Saturday 5 October 1844, p.3