Mary Gates

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2 April 1844


The Quarter Sessions commence at Parramatta this day (Tuesday). The calendar is neither serious in number nor in the nature of the offences. The following is the Gaol Return:— *THOMAS LYNCH, receiving stolen property; *JOHN HIDGES, ditto; MARY HIGGINS, stolen property on person; STEPHEN BURNHAM, obtaining goods under false pretences; JOHN YATES, larceny; WILLIAM JONES, larceny; CATHERINE HANDLEY, stolen property in possession; ‡HENRY LEWIS, receiving stolen cattle; ‡JOHN LAURENCE, ditto; DAVID SOLOMON, assault; MARY GATES, stealing in a dwelling house; ALICE CASEY, larceny; JOHN SHIRLEY, stealing money; THOMAS RILEY, ditto; ANN HANSEY, stolen property in possession; PATRICK M’CARTHY, housebreaking; * W. FODHAM, stealing tea and sugar; *MARY HOLMES, ditto; *CONSTANTINE RUSHWORTH, ditto; *SUSAN RUSHWORTH, ditto; *ANN HEDLEY, ditto; THOMAS AMBREY, embezzlement; JOHN KERNE, forged orders in possession; SARAH WEBB, stealing jacket, &c.; THOMAS M’CABE, ditto; JOHN HUNTER, stealing a whip; W. LLOYD, highway robbery; THOMAS SAUNDERS, stealing tea and sugar; THOMAS MURRELL, burglary; JOHN CORBET, ditto; HANNAH SOLOMON, ditto; MARY ALLEN, stealing a blanket; THOMAS CATTERWALL, assault with intent, &c.; MICHAEL KERNEY, assault; MICHAEL CASHON, stealing tobacco; W. FARRELL, stealing a £2 note; GEORGE TINDALL, receiving ditto; MARTIN MORISSY [sic], stealing looking-glass.

* These are remanded cases from last January Quarter Sessions.

‡ Although these cases appear on the Gaol List, they will, in all probability, from the nature of the offence, be tried before the Supreme Court.


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