Phebe Rowe

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
24 February 1844



PHEBE ROWE,* a handsome little girl about eleven or twelve years old, was charged with stealing a few peaches from Mr. CHAMPION’s garden, near the Church. Mr. STAFF,** clerk of St. John’s Church, deposed, that as he was proceeding to divine service, on the previous day, he saw the juvenile offender with two or three other little girls plucking the peaches. He immediately informed Mr. CHAMPION, and joined him in the pursuit of the prisoner, whom they found secreted in an out office on the premises, but without any of the “forbidden fruit” in her possession. The child was represented as a most incorrigible character by the Chief Constable and Mr. STAFF, and was sentenced by the bench to three month’s imprisonment in the House of Correction. (As it appeared that this little girl was totally unprotected, an opinion was entertained by many present, that had she been sent to the Orphan School, instead of the Factory, the ends of justice would be as well gained, and her morals less endangered by corrupt association.)



See Original: “Police Intelligence. Monday,” Parramatta Chronicle and Cumberland General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 – 1845), Saturday 24 February 1844, p. 2.