Ellen Cunningham aka Ellen Spears

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
13 January 1844



ELLEN CUNNINGHAM, alias SPEARS, having been met by the Chief Constable, coming out of Hopkins’ lime kilns, at half past eleven o’clock on the previous night, covered with lime, in Phillip-street, having strayed down from Campbell Town, was ordered to be sent to the Factory to be identified.


ELLEN SPEARS, free by servitude, was placed at the bar, charged with being found on the premises of Mr. DONOGHUE on the previous night, drunk and disorderly, and sentenced to 48 hours in the cells. The prisoner represented that she kept a small tin-shop at Campbell Town, and that she had merely come down to see her husband, who was confined in Parramatta. She begged hard to be allowed to return to her children, who were unprotected in her absence, but Mr. RYAN stating that, all she alleged was false, and that she had been continually in the custody of the Police during the few days she was in Parramatta, the bench turned a deaf ear to her entreaties.


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