Ann Burgess

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
4 November 1843

ANN BURGESS, per Planter, attached to the factory, on oath, states—I was a patient in the General Hospital, at Parramatta, for 13 months, and was discharged in September last; I was on spoon diet the whole of the time, with the exception of one week, and was allowed gruel; there was never any sugar in the gruel until about three months before I was discharged; I frequently complained to the nurse, ANN TIMMINS, and she spoke to HANNAN in my presence on the subject, and he stated that sugar was not allowed, but that he would speak to Dr. HILL; a short time after (about a fortnight) sugar was allowed: HANNAN stated in the ward that it had been obtained through French, the clerk, speaking to Dr. HILL.


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