Elizabeth Field

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
15 March 1842


The drunkard’s list contained the names of a number of incorrigibles, amongst which were JAMES WARD, the eleventh conviction, 133 hours imprisonment and hard labour; JANE BALL, the ninth conviction; JEREMIAH GORMAN, the twenty second conviction; ELIZABETH FIELD, the twenty-fifth conviction. The last named votary of Bacchus said, she had returned from her sentence to the factory at Parramatta for a similar offence only the day before, and that it was weakness from her confinement there which had caused her inebriety on the present occasion. Captain INNES expressed his feeling puzzled how to deal with offenders of this class as he was really afraid of inflicting the proper sentence on an infirm old woman, whom it was of no earthly use to think of reclaiming.


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