Catherine Sullivan

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
28 May 1840


TUESDAY.—Before the Chairman, and JOHN CAMPBELL, Esq. J. P.

CATHERINE SULLIVAN was indicted for stealing a shirt, the property of MARY HYLAND, at Sydney, on the 17th April last. The prisoner was hired to wash for the prosecutor on the day laid in the indictment, and she went away from her work in the course of the day, and got drunk. After her departure, the prosecutor missed one of her shirts. The prisoner was seen lying drunk in the street, and offering for sale to the passers by, a shirt of the same description as that which was lost by the prosecutor, but when she was taken into custody, no shirt was found in her possession. The Chairman thought the evidence too defective to warrant a conviction, and under his direction, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The prisoner was discharged.


CATHERINE SULLIVAN was convicted of larceny, and sentenced to be imprisoned in the Factory for one year, every fourth week to be passed in solitary confinement.


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