Eliza Douglass

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
22 February 1840


THURSDAY.—(Before the Chairman, and T. SHADFORTH, H. C. SEMPILL, and H. BROWNE, Esquires, J. P).

ELIZA DOUGLASS was indicted for stealing, at Sydney, on the 16th October last, one coat, one handkerchief, and one shirt, the property of JOHN ROBERTS. It appeared in evidence that the prosecutor, who resides in Pitt-street, went out very early on the morning of the day laid in the indictment, leaving his door unfastened. Upon returning home, some time afterwards, he missed the articles described in the information. The prisoner was seen on the same morning, offering the articles for sale in the market-place, and her conduct having attracted the suspicion of the regular dealers, a constable was sent for, and she was given in charge. When first questioned about the property, the prisoner stated it was her husband’s—her defence upon the trial, was, that she had found it. Guilty—to be worked in the third class of the factory for twelve months, and every fourth week to be confined in the cells.


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