Margaret Woods

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
31 October 1839


SATURDAY.—Before the Chairman, Messrs KERR, LETHBRIDGE, and a Civil Jury

MARGARET WOODS was indicted for stealing £62 in notes, the property of a livery-stable-keeper, named DIXON, residing in York-street, on the 13th August; and MICHAEL NOONAN, as principal, and three others named NANNERY, BRYAN, and REID, as accessories in receiving the same, knowing it to have been stolen. On the night of the day mentioned in the information, the prosecutor was standing smoking a cigar at the corner of York and Market-streets, near his own premises, slightly in liquor, when two women accosted him, one of whom was the female prisoner at the bar, who asked him to treat them to a glass of rum each, and they went into DOWD’s public house for that purpose; he changed a pound note to pay for the rum, which he unfolded from a bundle of notes in his pocket. The female prisoner accompanied him home, he fell asleep with the money in his pocket, and on awakening in the morning, the bird had flown, and the £62 with her. It was proved that she called NOONAN out of his house from the other prisoners, and presently returned in a great passion, chasing NOONAN and threatening to call a constable to give him in charge if he did not return the money, which she said he had stolen from her. NOONAN put his hand into his bosom, pulled out a bundle of notes, and gave her a £10 note. They then went altogether to a shop on Brickfield-hill, and NOONAN purchased trousers, handkerchiefs, and braces for each of the men, and also gave them a pound note each. Verdict—MARGARET WOODS, MICHAEL NOONAN, and — NANNERY were found guilty, and sentenced, the female to twelve months imprisonment in the Female Factory; and the male prisoners to imprisonment, and hard labor in an ironed-gang for two years. The other prisoners were acquitted.


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