Eliza Jacques

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
12 October 1839



TUESDAY.—Before the Chairman and a Military Jury.

ELIZA JACQUES was indicted for an assault, with intent to kill a little boy named THOMAS, entrusted to her care by his father, who is at sea. The child was too young to be examined, but a woman named CELIA PECKHAM, who had formerly been a neighbour of the prisoner, deposed, that as she was passing the prisoner’s house on the morning of the 4th July, she heard the child cry, and on looking in she saw the prisoner beat it on both sides of the face, first with one hand and then with the other, until the child was quite stupefied and ready to fall down, when she thrust it away from her violently, and it fell down and bled profusely at the nose. She took the child to Captain INNES, who took her information and examined the child, which he found in so dangerous a state from ill usage that he deemed it prudent to send it to the hospital. Captain INNES deposed that the child was nearly naked, the nose was very much bruised, and the left side of the head one mass of bruises, and on stripping it there was a bruise extending accross [sic] the loin which he presumed had been caused by a rope. Verdict—Guilty of common assault. Sentence—To be imprisoned twelve months in the Female Factory, as a House of Correction, every fourth week in solitary confinement.


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