Sukey Solomons

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
10 September 1839

Love’s Young Dream.—On the opening of the Police Court, on Saturday, COLONEL WILSON required the personal attendance of a person who had addressed a petition to him, praying for a mitigation of the sentence of Miss SUKEY SOLOMONS, who had been sent to the Factory two days before, for some breach of good manners, which brought her under the ban of the law. The petitioner stood forward in the person of a little old man named ROBERT BENT, or as he is more particularly known about town, as “Bobby the tape man,” originating from the circumstances of his providing tapes, pins, and threads for the nursery and chamber maids, who supplied “Bobby” with the means of independence. Mr BENT, in answer to queries put to him by “the Colonel,” stated that sixty summers, forty years sojourn in the colony, and seven Governors, had passed away in his eventful life, during which time, he had withstood the fascinations of the tender sex, and had determined to descend to his grave a bachelor, but his determination was put to flight by SUKEY SOLOMONS, who had raised a tempest in his bosom not to be quenched, but by the legitimate means of matrimony. He popped the question, and swore,

He’d love her, how he’d love her,

‘Till the day he lost his breath,

His love he could not smother,

Until snatched away by death;

and was accepted. The day for the ceremony was appointed, and the necessary preparations were made, when, on the evening preceding the suspicious [sic] day, Miss SUKEY SOLOMON was taken into custody for irregularity, and was sentenced to spend some time in the Factory. Mr BENT expended his whole power of eloquence in endeavouring to impress on the Colonel his disappointment, after sixty years celibacy,—but the Magistrate coolly observed that he could not interfere with a sentence once passed, if he were so inclined, and in the present case, he was of opinion that he should be doing applicant a positive injury by hastening his marriage with Miss SOLOMONS, who had evinced little regard for him by her conduct.


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