Mary Dunlop

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
23 April 1839

Assignment Regulations.—No.1.—A woman named MARY DUNLOP alias QUINN, was placed at the bar of the Police office, yesterday, under the following circumstances. On Thursday night, she presented herself at the Police-office to seek protection from the ill usage of her husband, and was confined in the Watch-house, until her case was enquired into. It appeared that her husband is a low drunken blackguard, who obtains a precarious subsistence by selling pies about the streets, and is an habitual drunkard. She was a prisoner of the crown, and married him solely to get away from the Government, was duly assigned him, since which she has led a miserable life, half starved, and shivered with the cold, being frequently driven into the street, at night, by her drunken mate. On enquiry, it appeared that the husband had been confined in the watch-house for drunkenness, and disorderly conduct, and was then awaiting to be brought up on the free side for punishment. The Bench ordered that the woman should be returned to the first-class of the factory.


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