Alice Green aka Alice Woodbridge

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
6 April 1839


The complaint of HAMER against his servant, ALICE GREEN, and her charge against her master, has been fully investigated by Captain INNES, according to promise, and it turns out that the fact stated by the woman of her having been permitted by her master to live in adultery with a man named GREENSLADE is true, and that the man HAMER who received the highest testimonials from his officers when discharged from the army, took her out of the factory for that purpose. ALICE GREEN alias WOODBRIDGE has been living with the man GREENSLADE under her master’s protection, although her husband is in Sydney in the service of the government, and Captain INNES ordered that a communication should be made to the Governor recommending that HAMER should be deprived of all his assigned servants, and never be allowed servants from the Government again. Captain INNES said that when he signed HAMER’s application for the women, he had been induced to do so by the high characters from the officers of his regiment which he produced, and he was sorry to see that he had forfeited that character by his disgraceful conduct; it would be a caution to him not to depend upon previous character, but in future, to enquire particularly in to the character of the party at the time of his applying.


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