Caroline Little

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
15 January 1839

Everton, the Informer.—This gentleman who, our readers will recollect, excited some attention by the stir he created amongst the sly grog sellers, and who, after having taken unto himself a wife* from the “respectable ladies” who inhabit the female factory, and who was subsequently forwarded at the expence [sic] of Government to Hobart Town, upon suspicion of being a runaway from that settlement, turns out to be a free man as appears by the accompanying certificate: — (“I hereby certify that the above three men were duly received at Hobart Town, but the proper name of the first man is THOMAS CHAPLIN and not GEORGE EVERTON CHAPLIN, and that he is not a convict,  but has been some time free by servitude.—JOSIAH SPODE.—29the December, 1838.”) The ingenious rascal states that he wanted a passage to Hobart Town, and he thought he could not procure one more readily than by imposing on the gullibility of the authorities here, who are always most ready to snap at a “suspected runaway;” he therefore admitted that he was a “bolter” in order to save his passage money which he has effectually done.

*CAROLINE LITTLE. The couple were married at St. John’s Church, Parramatta on 17 November 1838.


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