Margaret Dean

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
12 January 1838

The Military Jury was discharged on Wednesday last, from further attendance during the present sittings of the Sydney Quarter Sessions. The only case they had to be dispose [sic] of on that day, was that of a woman named MARGARET DEAN, who was arraigned for stealing a mug, valued at 3d, from the rear of the Sydney Monitor office, in York-street, the property of MR E. H. STATHAM, the publisher of that journal. The case occupied the attention of the court for not more than a quarter of an hour, the prisoner having been taken in the commission of the act. MR JILKS having stated to the chairman that the prisoner was a known petty thief, and a continual pest to the police, the court sentenced her to be confined to hard labor in the third class of the factory for twelve calendar months. It is a pity that this trumpery case was not finally adjudicated by the committing magistrates. The allowance to jurors in this case alone, is £5 5s which might have been with the other expenses attendant on the trial, very judiciously saved to the Colonial Treasury, by dealing with it summarily. It is to be regretted that so expensive a mode of dispensing justice is allowed to exist.


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