Margaret Phillips

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
7 September 1837

[MARGARET PHILLIPS], an assigned convict servant to MR MATTHEWMAN, brewer, Hunter-street, was brought before the Police Bench a few days since, charged with disorderly conduct. It appeared that on the previous morning this delicate damsel refused beef steaks for her breakfast, and upon being expostulated with by her mistress upon the subject, she declared she had been accustomed to fare upon turkeys and fowls. MR GISBORNE, in sending the prisoner to the factory for two months, remarked that she was going to a place where her diet would consist of neither beef steaks, turkeys, nor fowls. MRS MATTHEWMAN being questioned by the Bench as to whether she would receive back the delinquent into her service after the expiration of her sentence, begged leave to decline the boon, as she could not afford to regale her convict servants on such luxurious fare as the prisoner seemed to think herself entitled to.


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