Mary Stone

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
28 July 1837


At the Police Office, on Friday last, the following summons cases were disposed of:—


The Complainant in this case deposed that MR JONES shook his fist in his, (STONE’s) face, and threatened that if STONE and his wife did not leave the house in which they lived, he would cut both of their ——— heads from their bodies. MISS CATHARINE was standing by in the capacity of bottle holder, and promised to lend her valuable assistance to MR JONES, should he require it. MR ROWE submitted that this was sufficient to call upon the Defendants to enter into securities to keep the peace, that being the sum total of the complainants desire. It appeared however per contra that the defendants had formerly been witnesses against MRS STONE in a summary Jurisdiction case, which consigned her two months to the Factory; and MISS CATHARINE stated in a most piteous appeal to the Bench, that MR STONE had threatened to publish her in the Gazette as a common perjurer; adding while he shook the contents of his purse in her face, “if truth can’t do it, money will.” MR JONES was bound to keep the peace towards all &c. for twelve months; but MISS CATHARINE’s eloquence prevailed, and she was discharged.


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