Mary Stone

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
30 May 1837

In the month of April last, a woman named MARY STONE, assigned to her husband, was sentenced by the Sydney Bench to a month’s confinement in the third class of the factory for disorderly conduct. She had been summoned there by a woman named CATHERINE BARTIE, for using threatening language to her, and swore that STONE said she would have her b——y life, if she (BARTIE) complained of her to the magistrates; this was not satisfactorily established, but she being a prisoner of the crown, there was sufficient misconduct shewn to merit the sentence which was passed; which having expired, MR. SYDNEY STEPHEN appeared at the Police Office, on Friday, and preferred a charge of perjury against CATHERINE BARTIE, for having swore that STONE had threatened to take her life. The case was one which occupied the bench for several hours,  but the evidence was such that no assignment of perjury could be maintained, and the woman was discharged.


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