Elizabeth Ann Chambers

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
26 May 1837

On Thursday night, about 10 o’clock, CORPORAL LOW, of the Mounted Police, apprehended two women proceeding from Sydney at a rapid pace, about six miles on the Parramatta Road, both of whom proved to be runaways. One of them answered to the name of BRIDGET MOLLOY, assigned to MR. HAW, of Prince-street, who stated that she had been assigned to him about two months, one half of which she had been in the third class of the factory; BRIDGET was now sent for another month. The name of the other was ELIZABETH ANN CHAMBERS, assigned to her husband, who stated that she had absconded from him on Thursday without any cause on his part. The Bench enquired her general character when the unlucky wight said he really could not give the required information, as he had been only three days married to the woman. The prisoner said she ran away because she found that the man she had married was not capable of maintaining her. She was sentenced to pass one month in the third class of the factory and to be returned, with an intimation that she might lay an information against her master if he failed to provide her with necessaries.


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