Mary Stone

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
18 April 1837

MARY STONE, of Frazer’s-lane, a prisoner of the Crown, assigned to her husband, appeared to answer the charge of CATHERINE BARNARD, a neighbour, which set forth that she had frequently abused her, and on Wednesday threatened to take her life if she made any complaint to the Magistrates. It appeared that the complainant had for some time held a monopoly of the retail business in the neighbourhood of Frazer’s Lane, and that a week or two ago the husband of the defendant opened a shop of a similar description. The defendant urged that the present proceedings were spiteful, and that the complainant had threatened, soon after the commencement of her husband in business, that as she was a prisoner of the Crown, she would before long get her sent to the Factory, when the shop would be soon shut up in consequence of her husband’s addiction to intemperance. A witness was called to prove the threat held out by the defendant, which failed. The Bench convicted STONE of disorderly conduct, and abusive language, and sentenced her to be confined and worked in the third class of the factory.


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