Amelia Moss

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
17 June 1834

AMELIA MOSS, a sable virgin of about twenty, was next shewn to the bar, charged by her mistress, Mrs. WOOLCOT, of George-street, with being extremely abusive on Saturday evening, and among other odd things, threatening to make away with herself. It appeared that the cause of her outrageous conduct had its origin in a love affair, the object of AMELIA’s devotions being a free fellow servant, but from some recent circumstances, there had been cessation of the usual attentions, which had been the cause of effecting her heart, and no doubt led to the conduct for which she was now before the Bench. Mrs. WOOLCOT wished to return her to Government, and recommended her being assigned at a distance from Sydney. One month third class, and to be assigned up the Country.


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