Ann Perry

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
27 May 1834

SATURDAY.—Mrs. ANN COLLINS who lives on the Brickfield Hill, appeared on a summons to answer the complaint of her assigned servant ANN PERRY, who stated that her mistress compelled her to go on the Streets and to hand her the proceeds of what she could pick up on her return; the complainant told a long & apparently artless tale, which added to her manner and appearance seemed to have some weight with the Bench. Several of the constabulary were called to state what they knew as to the character of the house, among the rest was wardsman COFF who lived in the neighbourhood, he represented it as very bad,—he had frequently seen girls and young men go in and come out of the house at unreasonable hours during the last two years.

Mr. WINDEYER ordered ANN PERRY to be sent to the first class of the Factory, and that the proper authority be written to, not to allow any more servants to be assigned to ANN COLLINS.

ANN PERRY pleaded hard not to go to the Factory where she said she had never been yet, and said she could get a very good Master who would take her immediately. Mr. WINDEYER seemed inclined to accede to this, but Mr. SLADE not appearing to concur, she was sent to the Factory.


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