Eliza Ellis and Ann Lambert

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
10 May 1834

ELIZA ELLIS,* an elderly female, was put to the Bar, charged with robbing ANN LAMBERT, an assigned servant of Mrs. HOWELL, of a shawl, of the value of £2 10s. Prosecutrix stated, that on Sunday night, being a little intoxicated, she went into the prisoner’s house in Clarence Street, and lay down on a bed, having previously pulled off some of her clothes. Some time after, a constable who had traced her to the house, came in and took her in custody as a runaway; her shawl was missing. Defendant said that prosecutrix had no shawl on when she came into her house. Constable O’MEARA obtained a search warrant, but could not find the shawl. The prisoner was remanded for further examination.

Trial outcome: ELIZA ELLIS, formerly an inmate of the Parramatta Female Factory, was sent to the General Hospital. Another person, PETER HOLMES, was eventually tried for the crime and found not guilty.



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