Jane Tubbs

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
25 April 1834

WEDNESDAY.—JANE TUBBS,  a little chubby rotund kind of personage, performed a graceful curve in making her way to the rostrum, to answer the charge of a charley, who deposed that overnight, while winding his way along the Race Course, he heard a whispering in a snug retired spot, and on drawing near he heard a dashing little ropemaker pouring out his soul to Miss JANE TUBBS in romantic strains,

“Dost thou remember the place so lonely,

To lovers dear and lovers only?”

When thinking the affair settled, he seized Miss TUBBS, while the ropemaker scampered off. On being asked the cause of such conduct, Miss TUBBS threw herself into position, and exclaimed, “I cannot name it to you ye chaste stars.” The Bench thinking a month would do her no harm, sent to for that period to reside with Mrs. GORDON.


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