Ann Gorman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
15 March 1834

FRIDAY.—ANN GORMAN, who looked as if she had not the slightest intention to hear the brunt of whatever might befall her, was escorted to the forum, to hear the charge against her, which amounted to this — first she bolted without leave first had and obtained, second she visited a house on the rocks where she amused herself with dancing, egg flip, and the company of a batch of tars, and thirdly and worst than all, she refused to be captured by a Charley, who brought a couple to his assistance, when after a considerable quantity of kicking, scratching, biting and struggling, they laid hold of her by the heels, and on being asked what she could say in her defence, thought it confounded hard that she could not visit a few old shipmates whom she had not seen for a long period, it was truly cruel, she had no intention to offend but she stood upon her rights not to be seen blue by any she in christendom, not she faith, she had not been broughten up to it —The Bench thinking her quite mistaken in her notions ordered her 28 days visit to Mrs. GORDON.


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