Sarah Patterson

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 March 1834

SARAH PATTERSON skipped to the bar befurbelowed and beflounced to the eyes, and with gigot sleeves, each capable of containing three bushels of maize, charged with hopping the twig from her master’s house, because he would not give permission.—SARAH was found receiving the amiable from a tar in the Domain, who was wheting a pipe, and sipping the dew off SARAH’s lips at intervals.—When discovered she gammoned a swoon, and Jack finding himself in the wrong box, took to his heels. The charley, with the assistance of half a hatfull of water, soon brought SARAH to her senses. When called upon for her defence, she said he “would nothing extenuate, nor set down ought in malice.” She only went out to take the air, and the tar was a shipmate of hers. One month to the third class settled all further disputes.


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