Jane Ann Friar

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
17 February 1834

SATURDAY.—JANE ANN FRIAR, who would if she could, have a glass of something comfortable and the company for a young man whenever opportunity offered, was charged with indulging in both, to the great scandal of her masters household. JANE had conveyed into the kitchen, as neat a little waterman as ever feathered an oar upon the bosom of Sydney Cove, and had set out upon the table the best fare the larder could produce, together with a good supply of liquid. After having allayed the hungry edge of appetite, they attacked the fluid, and played among them at such a rate, that their mirth became uprorious [sic] and awakened their master, who coming to the spot, discovered JANE on the waterman’s knee; “who are you,” said the master, to the intruder, but he without having the courtesy to reply, laid JANE sprawling, and performed one of Master QUIN’s lyons leaps through the window, and escaped. JANE was handed over to the night charley; having now nothing to alledge [sic] in defence, was ordered to try the air of Parramatta for the ensuing two months.


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