Jane Sykes

14 February 1834
Evidence Type: Newspaper Report

WEDNESDAY— JANE SYKES, a smirking little rosy checked blossom, tripped to the bar and smiled irresistably [sic] on their Worships, and the gentlemen of the Press, signifying, spare me. The charge was absenteeism and all overness, on hearing the taller part of the charge, JANE simpered on “oh, most excellent Charley” dont say so, “but does though marm,” said the ungallant trap and vats more you vas obstropelous  [sic]”oh dear,” rejoined JANE, and grasped the bar firmly to prevent her sinking down.— Bench, what have you to say JANE to this charge.— JANE, vouchsafe most learned Bench, of these supposed slips to give on leave, by circumstance but to acquit myself, that I did elope it is most true, the head and front of my offending, hath this extent, no more, but that i was touced up here (pointing to her forehead) it is most false. I lean on you for mercy. The Bench appeared to pay but little attention to this tirade, and ordered her off to Gordons stores for six weeks. JANE was carried off in the arms of a Charley, as she gammoned a swoon.


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