Judy Jackson

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
14 February 1834

JUDY JACKSON who looked unutterable things at the Bench, from a pair of bright sparklers which she well knew how to use was handed up to the rostrum, by that pink of constables ORR, charged with leaving her masters house without leave, first had and obtained which it appeared she had done on more than one occasion. About three in the morning, as a Charley was going his rounds in Harrington-street on the Rocks, he heard a very musical voice uncorking it in good style in a house the respectability of which he doubted, so peeping through a cranny in the shutter, he discovered Miss Judy and half a dozen friends both male and female enjoying themselves with cow heel smothered in onions, a grog bottle half full, and a few pots of beer showed that they intended to wind up with hilarity, but the adage, of there’s many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip was fated to be their lot; the Charley not used to polished society, never having studied in foreign ‘Courts,’ pushed open the door and lugging out his staff, desired them to explain who and what they were, and what they were at, “at indeed,” exclaimed JUDY, ‘go away fellow, how dare you come betwixt the wind and my gentility,” and tossing her head, she waved him with her hand toward the door, but he was not to be had, and in spite of cries, kicks, bites, smiles, tears and kisses, all of which she tried, he housed her for the night. JUDY now stood like Niobe, all tears, but when six weeks 3rd class was pronounced, she boldly bottled them, and snapping her fingers tripped from the bar.


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