Jane Bresse

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
10 February 1834

FRIDAY—JANE BRESSE, a decentish kind of a body, with a tol lol mug of her own, as fair as

“Painting could express,

Or youthful poets fancy when they love,”

was charged with being detected in the very act of leaning over the paling at the back of the house, and listening to the jealous breathings of a young snob, who was pumping it up in the following strain; —

“Oh, Jenny, I believed thee true,

And I was blest in so believing,

But now I mourn that ere I knew

A girl so fair yet so deceiving.”

Having got thus far, JANE was seized, and handed over to the Police Office. The only defence JANE could make to the charge was tears, but bring [briny] eloquence, was not of the kind to soften the Bench who packed her off to third class for one month.


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