Sarah Mullins

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
7 February 1834

SARAH MULLINS, neither sad, sick, merry nor well but civil, civil as orange and something of that jealous complexion, trod the boards to show cause why she, SARAH MULLINS, should have been picked up after dark on the race course with a jolly young butcher’s boy, who was encircling her waist and sipping the dew from her lip while SARAH was softly whispering

“Take, oh take those lips away

That so sweetly were foresworn.”

But a charley without a grain of sentiment in his composition chimed in by way of chorus “come come to the lock up away” — In defence she blushed and smirked, and wished their worships to remember, there was nothing half so sweet in life as love’s young dream, and her’s being an offence occasioned by the tender passion, she thought herself peculiarly a subject for the  lenient consideration of the Bench; their Worships however did not understand this argument and sent SARAH to vegetate for a month among the plants in the Parramatta conservatory.


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