Sarah Mordan

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 January 1834

SARAH MORDAN was put to the bar, charged with contumacy, in bolting from her mistress, Mrs. WOOLCOT, of George-street, and putting herself under the protection of the other sex for the last three weeks. SARAH was picked up by a Charley in the purlieus of Kent-street, who suspecting her to be a runaway, took her into custody. Something was said about her going back again to her mistress, on hearing which she placed her arms a kimbo, and with the utmost non-chalance exclaimed, “she would be blowed if she would go back again, she would suffer any punishment rather.” — The Bench not being inclined to humour her whim, ordered two months rustication at the receptacle for such bolters, at Parramatta, and to be returned to service.


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