Judy Hughes

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
1 November 1833

WEDNESDAY.—JUDY HUGHES and TIM CARNEY, who admired each other as a boy does a handful of cherries, were charged with having eloped to enjoy each others company over a drop of something smart. JUDY wanted beer, as she thought strong waters were not fit for one of her delicate habits. TIM most strenuously opposed this motion, and clasping JUDY round the neck, thus spoke his feelings —

“Och, JUDY dear, a fig for beer,

The pleasure sure is greater I,

When you are dry to bung your eye,

With quarterns of the cratur O.”

This was irresistible, and quartern after quartern rolled down their gullets, until one of the new police interrupted their libations, separated, and provided them with lodgings for the night. JUDY looked at TIM, and TIM at JUDY, as much as to say, “spake up now.” But neither of them could pull out a word, and the Bench taking silence for consent, packed TIM off to the mill for seven days, and JUDY to the villa for one month.


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