Sarah Mulhony

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
28 October 1833

SATURDAY—JANE MARSHALL and SARAH MULHONY, fellow servants, and having a strong resemblance to each other, were placed at the bar. The only difference was, JANE’s chubby face was—one can’t say shaded, with small bright red corkscrew curls; while SARAH, having a higher bridge to her nose, had taken the Grecian line, and had accordingly drawn two long stripes of sandy hair across her temples, a la Madonna. The charge against these beauties was, that they had walked off from their master’s crib, and betaken themselves to one of the genteel hops that are frequently held on the Rocks, where they were found turning round in the soft mazes of the waltz, occasionally imbibing a quartern of max to moisten their clay. The appearance of the constable not a little astonished them, and they remained some time parlying, but without effect—go they must, and go they did. They both looked very silly, as might be imagined, and still more so when they found their frolic rewarded by six weeks each to GORDON’S dancing academy.


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