Jane Thompson

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
28 October 1833

She would, and she would not.—JANE THOMPSON, a she-Buffalo, touched off in a mob cap, the frill of which veiled her peepers, and a blue check fogle gracefully crossed on her bosom, was charged with contumacy. She would go out—she would drink, that is, if she liked and could get it—she would come home when she thought proper, and all that sort of thing; in addition to which, she would not work, not she indeed—she would not be ordered to do any thing—for why?—she did not come here for that purpose, and no mistake. The Bench, to remove all these little asperities, did take it upon themselves to “order” JANE to the matronly care of Mrs. GORDON for two months, where she would be taught better things, and kept to order.


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