Selina Farrell

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
25 October 1833

THURSDAY.—SELINA FARRELL was placed on the boards of the Court to answer the following charge:—On Sunday, as a constable was walking along Official Town Road, he was surprised to hear strong nasal twangs issuing from the scrub on his right hand, and proceeding thither, he found prisoner enclosed in the arms of Bacchus and Morpheus. On being awoke, she stated that she belonged to the establishment of the Sheriff, and was taken there accordingly, but she became so outrageous, that the watchhouse was ordered as a cooler. The poor devil who had to convey her there, had no sinecure. Conveying a pig to market, with a rope attached to its leg, was a fool to it.—First, she thought fit to go this way, then that, now she would sit down, and again bolt off in to the bush. The charley, when he arrived, very much resembled a man who had been pulled backwards through the bramble bush. SELINA heard all this with impenetrable sans froid, now and then clothing her face with one of its sweetest smiles, and hoping the Bench would treat the matter as one of a very trivial nature. Two months GORDON’s snuggery was however ordered, and an order that in future she should breathe the pure air of the Country.


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