Frances Grady

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
21 October 1833

FRIDAY.—FRANCES GRADY, with a nose that would have been Roman, had it not been Grecian, was charged by her master with wishing to pay a friendly trip to Mrs. GORDON, to whom she had the greatest affection for, and whose style of living she coincided with. The master objected to anything of the kind, but FRANCES was obdurate, and finding that jawing would not effect her purpose, she cut her stick. Being now brought to answer for her conduct, she appeared to treat the thing as a matter of course, folded her arms, and looked with supreme contempt on all around, wishing to know why she was placed at the bar, she thought her master would cut a much better figure in that situation than herself. The Bench ordered her to visit her friend for one month.

FRANCES — I’ll never do a day’s work after.


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