Ann Wrigglesby

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
21 October 1833

ANN RIDDLESBY,* assigned to an officer of the 4th Regt. was placed on the rostrum to show cause why the red coats had got such an ascendancy over her, that she turned up her nose with the most supreme contempt at all culinary transaction.—Right about face, or left about ditto, were far more congenial to her feelings than ANN, make a fire, sweep out the room, prepare breakfast, and all that sort of thing, and from morning to night the burden of her song was,

“If I had been for a soldier who’d go,

Do you think I’d refuse him, no, not I,”

until the previous day, having a wish to prove she understood practice as well as theory, she cut her stick with a strapping grenadier, standing six feet six in his stocking vamps. She was however, shortly after picked up, and handed over to the Police Office. Having a tol lol character, she was sent to GORDON’S improvement on DENDA’s movement, for seven days.

Notes: *ANN WRIGGLESBY per Diana (1833)


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