Catherine Quigley

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
18 October 1833

FRIDAY.—CATHERINE QUIGLEY, who wished to array her pretty person upon all occasions a la Paris, was charged with being found in her mistress’s bed room the previous evening, standing before a large looking glass combing out her locks, and making them fall in graceful ringlets round her polished brow. Having completed this important part of her toilet, she put on a spic and span new silk dress, silk stockings, and blue kid pumps. She then rehearsed the first set of quadrilles, and languished through the waltz, with a chair for a partner. This was not done without some noise, and on her mistress going to the room to find out the cause, Miss CATHERINE had just sunk into an arm chair exhausted. A constable was sent for, and having caused CATHERINE to pull off her borrowed plumes, she was taken away. Very sorry, and all that sort of thing was the course of the defence, but the Bench were not to be gulled in that way, and packed her off to study the graces at GORDON’s Magazine des modes for one month.


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