Ann Cosgrove

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
18 October 1833

MONDAY.—ANN COSSGROVE [sic] was put on the rostrum to answer the following charge:—On Sunday afternoon, having put on her best toggery, she proceeded to the parlour, where her master was enjoying his wine and walnuts, and having asked for leave of absence, the following dialogue ensued.

ANN—I want to go out.

MASTER—You must stop at home.

ANN—I will have the Sunday afternoon to myself.

MASTER—You can’t go.

ANN—Then I shall go without leave. I’d sooner be in the Factory than stuck up here, without being allowed to ramble, so good-bye.

This sans ceremonie way of doing business not being relished by the master, he sent for a constable, who walked her off to the lock up. One month to ruralise.


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