Catherine M’Ginchey

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
11 October 1833

MONDAY.—CATHERINE M’GINCHEY, arrayed in a gipsey hat stuck on three hairs over her left ear and a white cambric pocket handkerchief in her hand, which she spread before her face, to hide her blushes from the audience; was handed to the bar charged by her master with playing the termigant [sic] over night, by keeping the house in an uproar by her shrieks, yells, and shouts because forsooth she was not allowed to go out after dark to visit her acquaintance.

BENCH.—Well, Madam, what have you to say to this conduct?

CATHERINE.—Simply this, that I had been taking a small drop of Daffy’s Elixir, to expell the cholic, and I really think ‘pon honor, that I took a drop too much; but after all, I’m not so black as I’m painted.

The Bench, however, having an opinion of their own upon the subject, sent her to study at Mrs. GORDON’s school for servants, for 7 days.


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